About Golden Opportunities

Golden Opportunities (GO) is a national initiative of Job Centre Australia Ltd, working with McDonald’s Australia to assist people living with an injury, illness or disability in gaining employment.

Job Centre Australia has a long standing relationship with McDonald’s dating back 25 years, however our large scale program officially launched in March 2010 with the first pilot group of client’s commencing work on the NSW Central Coast.

Now as a preferred partner of McDonald’s Australia, Job Centre Australia has placed hundreds of clients with an injury, illness or disability into employment opportunities within McDonald’s restaurants.

With increased requests coming through from McDonald’s owners and operators across the country and the growing need to be able to service more regions, the GO program was born in 2015.


Golden Opportunities is a collective of Disability Employment Service (DES) providers, operating the McDonald’s Australia endorsed Job Centre Australia program, to the same high standards throughout Australia.

GO aims to be servicing McDonald’s restaurants across Australia and beyond by 2018.

McDonald’s restaurants currently serviced by GO


Hayley Baxendale, Director of Employee Relations at
McDonald’s Australia Limited:

“McDonald’s Australia and our Franchisees proudly employ over 90,000 people in Australia. We are committed to providing opportunities for employment in the communities in which we operate.

McDonald’s and select Franchisees have partnered with Golden Opportunities to provide tailored employment for people living with a disability, injury or illness. Our structured training program has proven to be a wonderful model for building competency and confidence in employees placed through the Golden Opportunities program, and working together we have seen people thrive and develop into valuable long term McDonald’s employees. To date 200 McDonald’s restaurants have worked with Golden Opportunities to place over 600 people into employment, and we look forward to continuing to work with and grow Golden Opportunities to build on this success.

If you are looking to build your workplace, strengthen community relationships, create a diverse working environment or simply find valuable new employees, I recommend using the services that Golden Opportunities provides”.

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Make a difference in your community by joining the Golden Opportunities Program.